Saturday, September 25, 2010


I have stamped several different things today, but have only one put together.  Some time back I purchased some stamps that were on sale from Hanko Designs. The below card is from a 3 stamp set (foam stamps) made by Kodomo. On the back of the box it shows a card that was made with the 3 stamps.  My card below is not original as I wanted to show all 3 stamps that came together, and went by the card on the back of the box. I had not used foam stamps before, but they worked pretty good. I will probably use these stamps individually with other stamps I have - I think that would work !!

Friday, September 17, 2010


This is the second of 2 cards, I created today. I stamped this image several weeks ago and just could not think of how to pull it all together for a card. So, I am not really pleased with the card, though I love the image. In case you cannot read the saying it is, "the orchid is flowing water made into light" which is above the orchid. Below the orchid it says "Greetings". This image is by Art Neko.

Black and Ivory

Another card.  I love black and ivory, and black and white.  The images are Bamboo Fan and Wave Background.  The fan is stamped on shimmery white cardstock.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Stamping Saturday

I created 3 cards today using my new Asian stamps from  The background papers are from Stone House Stamps.  On this card I used the Bamboo Kimono and the Bamboo Stalk stamps.  I used copics on the kimono.

On the card below I used the Outline Kimono and the Friendship character stamps. The white cardstock is a shimmery, sparkly white and the piece of gold that is layered behind the kimono is a shimmery gold.

And, on the last card for the day I used the Dancing Willow stamp and the Thank You character. I stamped these on a shimmery gold cardstock. I had a dragonfly embellishment from the D'Analen days, so added it to the card.