Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Funny Card

Last month on KCUK we had a Fun Challenge and I posted a card below (way on down - the card with the kitty on it) that I submitted for that.  I was looking at a magazine I had here a couple of weeks ago and came across a card that really made me *laugh out loud*.  I ordered the stamps, they arrived and here is the card I created with them.


  1. If you could only hear me sitting here laughing louder then I have laughed in AGES! That is hilarious and I totally understand!! ROFLMAO!

    the PaperTemptress

  2. That's fantastic, Dana - really, really love both stamps and the way you've coloured her face :) Dot will want those...

  3. Great card, Dana and beautifully coloured.
    Diane x

  4. *ROFL* LOVE this! Any card with a warped sense of humor is right up my alley. Thanks for sharing!


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